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Duncan Atwood

Track & Field Coach, Soccer Coach, Founder of Pocket Videos LLC


Duncan Atwood was a High School National Champion, a 3-time Open National Champion, a 2-time Pan American Games Champion, and was ranked 3rd in the world in the javelin. His best throw was 94.06m/308'7" with the Old Rules javelin, and 82.54m/271'5" with the New Rules model. He also holds a Kinesiology degree, and worked for 10 years with USATF's High Performance Division doing javelin biomechanics reports. In November of 2014, he was the first American to speak on javelin at the World Javelin Conference in Finland. His topic was Javelin Flight. Duncan owns Pocket Videos, LLC, which creates books and videos for Track and Field and Soccer. He also imports the Finnflier™, a flight training javelin from Finland.