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Jake Rauchbach

Elite Mental Skills Coach to the Pro's


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Coach Jake Rauchbach is an Elite Mental Skills Coach, and is the founder and owner of the MindRight Pro™ Program. Coach Jake has coached and mentored 100's of professional, college, and high-school All-Americans. He works with NBA, EuroLeague, EuroCup, Champions League and EuropeCup players. He also works with High-major college basketball players and teams and Olympians.

Jake has served as a men's basketball coach on the professional level in the Israeli Super League, at the college level at Temple, and Drexel. He won a Gold Medal with Maccabi Team USA in the 2017 World Maccabiah Games, and is currently the General Manager and Head Coach for The Maccabi USA Men's Open Team. He is sits on Maccabi USA Board of Directors. As a consultant some of the other teams he has consulted for are the North Carolina Women's Soccer team and Hall Of Fame Head Coach Anson Dorance. He has worked with Olympian and World Champion Miles-Chamley Watson. He has also worked with athletes from the NFL and UFC. Additionally, his work has lead him to other sports out side of basketball such as Division-1 baseball and lacrosse.

Coach Jake holds a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis on personnel management from Drexel University, A Masters in The Psychology of Human Movement from Temple University, an International Certificate from Cambridge University, and holds numerous Energy Psychology High-Performance Certifications. He has practiced High-Performance Mindfulness for over 20 years.