Speed and Power for the Field Sport Athlete with Graeme Morris

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Speed and Power for the Field Sport Athlete with Graeme Morris


Speed and power can be a dangerous combination if done correctly. Without power, you can't have speed. To build strength and speed, sprinting is done year-round with variations of exercises. Power requires training with explosiveness. In plyometrics, In addition to the bounding, hopping, and jumping exercises commonly used in plyometric training, medicine ball work or boxing moves may also be included. Plyometric training has many benefits. It enhances athletic performance by improving the ability to jump, velocity, agility, and running. 

In this course, Coach Graeme Morris talks about the four principles of developing speed and power as well as how to prevent hamstring injuries through the combination of gym and field. He breaks down the importance of intertwining both to get results. 
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The Coach

Graeme Morris is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Western Suburbs Magpies Rugby League club. He designs, implements, and monitors all aspects of physical performance, including strength and power in the gym and speed, agility, and conditioning on the field. Prior to this role, he was at the Newtown Jets Rugby League Club for five seasons. Morris holds a degree in human movement with honors in exercise physiology and a master’s in strength and conditioning.

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