Coaching Youth Hockey: From Mites to PeeWees

In Coaching Youth Hockey: From Mites to PeeWees, Coach Patrick Burke presents over 50 hockey drills, skill demonstrations and practice ideas developed specifically for teaching young hockey players how to play the game. Starting with basic skating, passing and footwork skills and progressing to more advanced techniques and age-appropriate games, this plan is ideal for first, second, and third year coaches. 

Hockey Basics
1 Introduction to Hockey Basics
2 The Language of Hockey
3 The Hockey Ready Position
Skating and Footwork
4 Introduction to Skating and Footwork
5 Edge Awareness
6 Jump Sticks Drill
7 Inside Edge Awareness
8 Outside Edge Awareness
9 Getting Up
10 The Superman Slide
11 Walk Like a Duck
12 Forward Stride: C-Cut Drill
13 Push-Pull Drill
14 Push Net Drill
15 Snowplow Stop
16 Transitioning to a Hockey Stop
17 Snowcone Drill
18 Drop Your Gloves Drill
19 Red Light, Green Light
20 Chair Sit C-Cut
21 Forward to Backward Pivot
22 Backward to Forward Pivot
23 Backward Stop and Explode
24 Triangle Drill
25 Stationary Crossovers
26 Lateral Crossovers
27 Crossover Circle Drill
28 Weave Drill
Stickhandling 101
29 Introduction to Stickhandling 101
30 Holding Your Stick
31 Carrying the Puck
32 Underhandling
33 Lateral Dribble
34 Skating Lateral Dribble
35 Open Ice Carry
36 Kick-Ups
Passing Basics
37 Introduction to Passing Basics
38 Stationary Passing
39 Backhand Passing
40 Moving Passes
41 Box Passing Drill
42 Indirect Passes: Using the Boards
43 Calling for the Puck
Shooting Basics
44 Introduction to Shooting Basics
45 Teaching the Wrist Shot
46 Backhand Wrist Shot
47 Moving Shot Drill
Goaltending 101
48 Introduction to Goaltending 101
49 Goaltending Stance
50 Goaltending: Shuffle-Step and T-Glide
51 Goaltending: Freezing the Puck
52 Goaltending: Figure Eight Drill
53 Blind Goalie Drill
54 Introduction to Skill-Building Games
55 Freeze Tag
56 Sharks and Minnows
57 Circle Chaos Drill
58 Pass Keep-Away Drill
59 Two-on-Two with Nets Back-to-Back

PatrickBurke Patrick Burke USA Hockey & American Sport Education Program-Certified Hockey Coach

Patrick Burke, the principal of Vermont's South Burlington High School, is a USA Hockey- and American Sport Education Program-certified hockey coach and a USA Hockey ACE (Association Coaching Education) Director.

Burke has coached at nearly every level from mites to college and has served as the head  varsity coach at three New England high schools: St. Bernard (Conn.); Champlain Valley (Vt.), where he led his team to a state championship; and South Burlington (Vt).

He has coached U-18 all-star teams in Vermont and in the New England Yankee All-Star Festival, and now is coaching on the youth level with the Essex (Vt.) Sting and the Vermont Shamrocks. His focus has always been on player development, hard work and fun. He has been recoginized for coaching excellence by the Positive Youth Sports Alliance and was Vermont's principal of the year in 2006. 

As a player, Burke played AAA and junior hockey for the Ramapo (N.Y.) Saints and the New Jersey Rockets, as well as college hockey for Connecticut College.

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