Youth Softball Strength: A Guide to Foundational Training

by Austin Wasserman
Youth Softball Strength: A Guide to Foundational Training


The Youth SOFTBALL Strength Book: A Guide to Foundational Training was created to help youth athletes (Ages 7-14), Master the Basics and learn the Foundational Blocks of Strength Training!

This simplified and easy to follow digital PDF download, otherwise known as an E-Book, will help parents and coaches teach their young athletes about safe and effective training, exercise technique, basic programming, on-field training options and much, much more!

This program is a 24-Week Youth Strength Training Program! It is separated into 3-Month Training Blocks. The Beginner/Intermediate Program is 12-Weeks and the Advanced Program is 12-Weeks. Once you finish the 24-Weeks (6-month program), you can cycle back through the program again, increasing the intensity (load or weight), to challenge yourself even more!

  • Exercise Videos
  • Program Format/Structure
  • Tests & Measurements
  • Warm-Up Progressions
  • Fun Conditioning & Agility Options
  • 12-Week Beginner/Intermediate Strength
  • 12-Week Advanced Strength
  • On-Field Training Options
  • *Lifetime Access to Updates


The Coach


Austin Wasserman

Owner/Founder of High Level Throwing® & High Level Pitching®


Austin Wasserman is the Owner/Founder of Wasserman Strength, High Level Throwing® and High Level Pitching®. He’s a Strength Coach, Performance Coach and Author from Brooklyn, New York. He’s the Author of the High Level Throwing® Series E-Books!

Austin received his B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength & Conditioning through the University of Connecticut Department of Kinesiology. He also received his Masters Degree in Human Nutrition through the University of Bridgeport.

He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has been training athletes for the past 15 years.

Austin is highly respected by coaches, parents and players for his approach and knowledge of the human body. He has worked in New York City alongside some of the top Physical Therapists and Motor Learning Specialists in the country.

Austin works with Youth, High School, College, MiLB & MLB Baseball Players as well as Softball Players of all ages. He has consulted for and currently consults for some of the top baseball and softball programs in the country such as Vanderbilt, Alabama, Arizona State, Minnesota, Duke, University of South Carolina, LSU, Ole Miss, University of Washington, UNCW, Coastal Carolina, Villanova, Texas Lutheran and Iowa State to name a few.

His books, High Level Throwing®, are some of the most used overhand throwing books in the country! These books teach baseball and softball players how to move efficiently, maximize throwing potential, improve accuracy and create intent based on position, through constraint training drills and progressions. is an educational website for Baseball and Softball players with information and training products for Movement, Arm Care, Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, Throwing Development and Training Books!

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