Welcome to How to Play the Striker Position featuring Coaches Jim Buchanan and Danny Donegan. We've designed this soccer training plan specifically for youth players who want to develop their offensive skills at the striker, or forward position. Coaches and parents will find this program effective as a teaching tool for youth players in both a team and individual practice setting.

To be a successful striker in competitive soccer, a player must rely on both well-developed technical ability and smart tactical play. These are skills that can and should be practiced at the youth levels of the game. As such, we've divided this program into two different sections: Technical Play and Tactical Play. In Technical Play, we'll focus on developing the player's technical ability with the ball with an emphasis on proper finishing in goal-scoring opportunities. Then, in Tactical Play, we'll cover specific tactics that a striker can employ to create these scoring opportunities.

As you'll see, each section contains a set of video drills to learn and practice. Each video includes accompanying printable materials in the form an objective, coaching points, and other key instructional content. Select drills also include a diagram to assist you in your practice. We recommend viewing each video drill first to grasp the practical aspects of set-up, technique, and execution as well as to understand the objective of the drill. Finally, use the training materials to assist in remembering and applying each concept.

Let's get started!