by Cosmin Miholca


If you're a tennis coach looking for a comprehensive collection of the best drills, then you've come to the right place.

The 'Best Tennis Drills for Coaches' program will equip you with a treasure trove of effective drills designed to cater to various teaching scenarios, from private lessons to large group sessions, and even cardio tennis drills.

Get ready to discover 200+ carefully curated tennis drills that will transform your coaching experience. Whether you're working with competitive singles and doubles players or simply introducing beginners to the sport, this program has something for everyone.


Kids Tennis Drills
1 Intro to Kids Tennis Drills 2 Stiff Ball (friendly competition) 3 Five x Ten (strokes consistency) 4 Bouncy Balls Race (coordination, ball control) 5 Fun Serve (serve consistency) 6 Bounce It (racket/ball control, rally) 7 Hand-Eye (coordination, warm-up) 8 Clean the Court (conditioning, fun) 9 Tidy / Messy (conditioning, fun) 10 Potato Race (fun competition) 11 Spots (rally consistency under pressure) 12 Field Trip (ball tracking) 13 Wipe Out (teamwork, competition) 14 Step In / Step Back (groundstrokes technique) 15 One for All (strokes accuracy, team work) 16 Cone Scoop (hand-eye coordination) 17 Back and Forth Serve (warmup, serve consistency) 18 O-U-T (serve competition) 19 My Invisible Opponent (scoring, serve practice) 20 Easy Power Serve (serve power) 21 Cone Hunting (groundstrokes practice, fun) 22 Growing Up (serve consistency)
Basket Tennis Drills
23 Intro to Basket Tennis Drills 24 Power and Finesse (groundstrokes variety) 25 Hit-Run-Finish (groundstrokes, short ball, overhead) 26 Plus 5 / Minus 5 (groundstrokes under pressure) 27 Plus 5 / Minus 5 (overhead under pressure) 28 Lead Serve (serve accuracy) 29 Return to Spot (serve return accuracy) 30 Hit Away - 1 (groundstrokes accuracy) 31 Hit Away - 2 (groundstrokes consistency, accuracy) 32 Hit Away - 3 (groundstrokes, short ball put-away) 33 Serve Up / Serve Back (serve warmup) 34 Serve, Play, Put-Away (serve, rally, put-away) 35 Drop and Lob Chase (court transition) 36 Groundstrokes Marathon (cardio, groundstrokes) 37 Up and Back (cardio, speed) 38 How Long Can You Last (overhead) 39 Volley and Overhead / Low, High, Higher 40 Serve Pressure (mental strength) 41 All Inside the Baseline (court transition) 42 Drop Shot On the Run (accuracy) 43 11 Balls (court transition) 44 Controlling Depth (groundstrokes placement)
Tennis Drills for 2 Players
45 Intro to Tennis Drills for 2 Players 46 Down-the-Line Finish (groundstrokes, put-away) 47 Six by Six (mental strength, consistency) 48 One Half / One Stroke (rally, mental strength) 49 Team 50 (rally consistency, pressure play) 50 Slice and Topspin (strokes variety) 51 Away and Back (cardio, point play) 52 Net Crunch (lob, overhead) 53 Plus / Minus vs Net (volley, groundstrokes) 54 Two Minutes (cardio, competitive play) 55 The Lob Game (competitive play) 56 Warmup Short Court (strokes control) 57 Alternating Topspin and Slice (volley, groundstroke variety) 58 Move Up on Short Ball (tactics, point play) 59 The Butterfly (grounstroke accuracy, cardio) 60 Cross-Court Battle (groundstroke consistency, point play) 61 Depth (groundstroke placement) 62 Half vs Full (competitive game) 63 Lob It (lob vs overhead play) 64 Three for Air (competitive game) 65 One Hundred (rally consistency)
Tennis Drills for 3 Players
66 Intro to Tennis Drills for 3 Players 67 Broken Wall (groundstroke, volley practice) 68 Approach and Play (approach shot, net play) 69 A Cone and Three Players (cardio, groundstrkes) 70 Fifty (rally consistency) 71 Three for Three (court transition, point play) 72 Next Up (competitive play) 73 Serve and Volley 2 on 1 (court transition, net play) 74 Two for Slice / One for Topspin (strokes variety, rally) 75 Alternating Deep and Short (net skills, quick hands) 76 Short Ball / Move Up (court transition, net play) 77 In and Out (competitive play) 78 Ultimate 1 vs 2 (cardio, point play) 79 Australian Doubles (competitive play) 80 Butterfly / Groundstrokes (groundstrokes, cardio) 81 Power Champ (groundstroke power) 82 Approach and Put-Away (court transition) 83 90 Seconds (cardio, competitive play) 84 Double Return of Serve (serve, return of serve) 85 Lob and Overhead Practice 86 Catching the Bullet (doubles tactics) 87 Double Pressure After Three (consistency, point play)
Tennis Drills for 4 Players
88 Intro to Tennis Drills for 4 Players 89 Zig-Zagging (groundstroke accuracy, consistency) 90 Two-Point Serve and Volley (court transition, net play) 91 Four for Four (net vs baseline, doubles tactics) 92 Tilted (one-up-one-back doubles) 93 Escalator (teamwork, doubles play) 94 Move Up on Short Ball (aggressive doubles play) 95 Ten to Move On (groundstroke consistency, accuracy) 96 Three for Three (net vs baseline doubles play) 97 Big Gap in the Middle (net vs baseline doubles play) 98 Dingles (fun singles/doubles game) 99 Reflex Volleys (net play, volley skills) 100 Short Court / Around the World (volley skills) 101 Three for Air (court transition, doubles play) 102 Ultimate Approach (court transition, doubles teamwork) 103 Win at the Net (court transition, doubles teamwork) 104 One Hundred (rally consistency) 105 Two Up vs Two Back (net vs baseline, doubles play) 106 Butterfly / Short Court (volley placement, consistency) 107 Two Minutes (net vs baseline, doubles play) 108 Love the Air (aggressive doubles game)
Tennis Drills for Large Groups
109 Intro to Tennis Drills for Large Groups 110 First Cone Down (serve game) 111 The Defenders (doubles play, net vs baseline) 112 Fear No Volleys (doubles game, teamwork) 113 Deep-Short-Out (doubles game, teamwork) 114 Two on One: Sorry! (competitive game, baseline rally) 115 Invite for Overhead (doubles teamwork, baseline vs net) 116 Hustle In and Out (teamwork, baseline rally) 117 Advance (serve and volley drill) 118 Team Serve Race (serve practice, friendly competition) 119 The Fourth Plays the Point (singles rally game) 120 Doubles for All (one-up-one-back doubles game) 121 Take the Net Player Out (net vs baseline drill) 122 Aggressive Down / Volley Cross (short ball, volley accuracy) 123 Feed Transition (serve and volley drill) 124 Low Volley / High Volley / Live Ball 125 Kings and Queens (singles competitive game) 126 Around the World (singles competitive game) 127 Court Defender (singles competitive game) 128 Ground and Sky (groundstroke live ball, lobs) 129 Poaching Drill (doubles poaching practice)
Cardio Tennis Drills
130 Intro to Cardio Tennis Drills 131 Over-Overhead 132 Volley-Volley-Overhead 133 Short / Volley / Over-Overhead 134 Around the World 135 Ping-Pong Tennis 136 Run for the Fences 137 Feed Transition 138 Bye-Bye 139 Get the Lob 140 Zip Zap 141 Run and Let It Bounce 142 Half and Around 143 Close and Away 144 Groundstrokes in Circle (private lesson) 145 Eleven Balls (private lesson) 146 Doubles Court Transition 147 V-Drill Offense 148 V-Drill Defense 149 Inside Forehand / Inside Backhand (private lesson) 150 Volley Work (private lesson) 151 Bounce / No Bounce (private lesson) 152 Short and Deep (private lesson)
Tactics Drills for Singles Players
153 Intro to Tactics Drills for Singles Players 154 Short Decision 155 Master the Kick 156 Pusher Problem 157 Short Slice Return 158 Wide Serve Tactics 159 Playing the Slicer 160 Serve Wide and Put Away 161 Returning Against the Serve-and-Volley 162 Defending Wide Against a Net Player 163 Net Approach 164 Chasing the Lob 165 Playing the Drop Shot 166 Timing the Attack 167 Lob Control 168 Super Defense 169 Cross-Approach-Finish 170 Body Serve 171 Serve and Volley 172 Attack or Stay 173 Following the High Ball 174 Return of Serve Tactics - 1 175 Return of Serve Tactics - 2
Tactics Drills for Doubles Players
176 Intro to Tactics Drills for Doubles Players 177 T-Serve / Return Placement 178 Wide Serve / Return Placement 179 Covering the Court at the Net 180 Smart Lob Return 181 Smart Net Play 182 Playing Against Lob Return 183 I-Formation Tactics 184 Run for It 185 Join Me 186 Counteract the Low Short 187 The Right Spot 188 Lob Over the Net Player 189 Quick Switch 190 Rolling Ball 191 Against the Two - 1 192 Against the Two - 2 193 Defending Against the Overhead 194 Defending Against the Net Player 195 Defending Against the Returner 196 Moving Up and Down
Bonus: 20 Mental Strength Tennis Drills for Competitive Players
197 Intro to Mental Strength Tennis Drills 198 20 Mental Strength Tennis Drills 199 THANK YOU

The Coach


Cosmin Miholca

Lessons, Drills and Tips for Players and Tennis Coaches


Cosmin Miholca has been teaching tennis for over two decades in Southern California and Europe.

The tennis drills you will discover in this program have been rigorously tested throughout his playing and coaching career with thousands of students ranging from 4 to 80 years old, beginner and advanced, singles and doubles players.

They have been carefully selected so that coaches can provide their students with exciting workouts that will enhance their technique, mental strength for competitions, footwork, and agility.

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