An Easy & Practical Approach to Teaching the Glide Shot Put

by Jim Aikens
An Easy & Practical Approach to Teaching the Glide Shot Put


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Coach Jim Aikens runs us through his process when training a new athlete in the skills required for the Shot Put. In this talk, he specifically is speaking in reference to the Glide Shot Put Technique. Cpoach Aikens will go through the complete process in teaching the glide technique to any athlete. He uses a simple and effective progression that will have athletes throwing with the glide technique in one session. Coach Aikens also goes over more advanced drills for the glide that can be used to improve more experinced throwers. He also goes over some faults and corrections for the glide shot putter.


1 Introduction to the Glide Shot Put 2 Video Review of popular shot put techniques 3 The Similarities between the best shot put models 4 1,2,3 Power Drill 5 Wall Glide Drill 1 6 Wall Glide Drill 2 7 2 Handed Glide Drill 8 1 Handed Chair Glide Drill 9 Glide to Stop and Check Drill 10 Glide with No Stop Drill 11 Setup Back of the Ring Drill 12 T-Position Drill 13 Gather Drill 14 Double Glides Drill 15 Storl Step Back Drill 16 Left and Right Leg -A- Drill 17 Mini Glide Drill 18 Under Pole Glides 19 Banded Glides 20 Banded Stay Back Glides 21 Shot Put Pole Glides 22 Left and Right Leg Banded Glides
23 Are there characteristics that you look for when deciding to make an athlete a glider or rotator 24 As the thrower releases do you teach them switching feet 25 At What age do you suggest to teach the glide 26 Can you go over the different types of Starts 27 Have you ever used a light ankle weight for your banded drills 28 Have you looked at the Difference Between Women and Men Gliders 29 How do you determine Start position with your gliders 30 How Far is Too Far when throwing your left arm 31 How many throws do you take depending on time of year 32 If your athlete is a baseball pitcher is it okay to use their throwing arm 33 Left and Right Leg Timing 34 Typical Volume of Throws Per Week for Indoor Season 35 What drills should you be doing to work on getting your chest up

The Coach


Jim Aikens

Head Track & Field Coach at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois


Jim Aikens | Head Coach | William Fremd High School

Jim Aikens has been coaching the throws since 1984. He has been the head coach at William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois since 1990. During this time Jim’s throwers have medaled at national competitions, won four state championships, and 20 other state medals. Jim's throwers have also won numerous sectional and conference championships. Jim has had 5 throwers toss the shot 60 feet or better. Jim has earned his USA Track & Field Level 1 and Level 2 certification. 

In 2014 Jim was chosen as one of the eight finalists for the National High School Coaches Association coach of the year. He has also served as President for the Illinois Track and Cross-Country Coaches Association and is a member of their Hall of Fame. Jim is currently the Illinois representative for the National Throws Coaches Association. In the past 15 years Jim’s teams have won seven conference championships, six sectional championships, and four top 8 finishes at the Illinois state meet. Coach Aikens has published several articles and videos about the Throws and training for the throws and is a much sought after speaking clinician.

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