Elite Discus - Technical Theory

by Global Throwing
Elite Discus - Technical Theory


"Vésteinn Hafsteinsson: Elite Discus" is a comprehensive lecture series recorded at the European Discus Conference 2018 in Växjö, Sweden.

There is total of 6 hours video material and it is divided into 4 topics all separately available here on CoachTube.

Elite Discus - Practical Throwing Session
Elite Discus - Practical Lifting Session
Elite Discus - Technical Theory
Elite Discus - Planning of Training

Under this lecture we have Elite Discus - Technical Theory, where Coach Hafsteinsson will cover the following topics:
1. Mechanical Factors of Throwing
2. Speed, Angle and Height of Release
3. Throwing Principles
4. Velocity
5. Magnitude of Forces
6. Acceleration Distance
7. Solidity of Base
8. Summation of Forces
9. Biomechanics
10. More Specific Biomechanics
11. The Basics
12. Athlete’s Characteristics
13. General Factors
14. LRLR Concept
15. The Four Step Approach

And this lecture includes the following analysis and comparisons:
1. Fedrick Dacres, Daniel Ståhl and Andrius Gudzius frame-by-frame analysis from Stockholm Diamond League 2018
2. Sandra Perkovic, Dani Stevens and Melina Robert-Michon frame-by-frame analysis from London WC 2017
3. Analysis of Daniel Ståhl 66.89m throw
4. Analysis of Mac Wilkins technique
5. Analysis of Wolfgang Schmidt  technique
6. Analysis of John Powell technique
7. Analysis of Jürgen Schult technique
8. Comparison of Mac Wilkins and John Powell
9. Comparison of Piotr Malachowski and Robert Harting
10. Comparison of Gerd Kanter and Wolfgang Schmidt 


Other online courses available from Global Throwing:
1. OLYMPIC LIFTING FOR THROWERS by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson
2. A Collection of Discus Throw and Shot Put Analysis (23 pcs) by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson

3. ELITE ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT courses by Dale Stevenson (coach of World Champion Tom Walsh)
 - Technical Training of Tom Walsh
 - Strength Training of Tom Walsh (practical session)
 - Planning of Training for Tom Walsh

4. ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT courses by Wilko Schaa (coach of World Champion David Storl)
 - Practical Throwing Session with David Storl
 - Practical Strength Training session with David Storl
 - Glide Technique on example of David Storl
 - Planning of Training for David Storl

5. ELITE WOMEN ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson
 - Rotational Shot Put Session with Fanny Roos (practical)
 - Rotational Shot Put Technical Theory

 - Doha 2019 Men Shot Put panel. Analysis and insights with Dale Stevenson and Shaun Pickering
 - Shot Put Statistics & Biomechanics (London `17 and Birmingham `18) by Shaun Pickering


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Vésteinn Hafsteinsson was a full time discus thrower from 1986-1996. He took part in five World Championships, two European Championships and four Olympic Games. Currently he is working full-time as an international throwing coach. Among athletes that he has coached are Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter, World and European meddalists Daniel Ståhl and Joachim B. Olsen.

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Roland Varga

Just perfect!

Dec 27, 18 01:53 PM

mary F

Amazing content from an amazing lecturer! Explained so easily that I can put the concepts into practice immediately. Worth every penny!

May 15, 20 11:40 PM

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