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Basketball season just ended, but for those of us who love the game, there is always more to learn, more to discuss, and more to talk about no matter what time of year it is. A great place for discussion and education is Twitter.

So here (in no particular order) are 56 of the best basketball coaches and trainers to follow on Twitter:

1. Brian Williams – @BrianWWilliams

Brian Williams is an author and basketball coaching blogger at CoachingToolbox.net who is constantly sharing all kinds of coaching resources on his Twitter account.

2. Mike Neighbors – @coachneighbors

Coach Neighbors is the head women’s basketball coach at the University of Washington, who made it to the Women’s Final Four this past season in Indianapolis.

3. BobStarkey – @CoachBobStarkey

Coach Starkey is an assistant coach for the Texas A&M women’s basketball program, and also writes from a very interesting perspective at his blog HoopThoughts.Blogspot.com.

4. Rick Torbett – @ricktorbett

Rick Torbett is the president of Better Basketball, and his Twitter feed is full of great coaching points and tips.

5. Shoot-A-Way – @TheShootAWay

The Shoot-A-Way company manufactures the best shooting machines for basketball teams around the country.

6. Rising Coaches Elite – @RisingCoaches

Rising Coaches Elite is an organization dedicated to helping up and coming college coaches and aid in their growth and development.

7. Jim Boone – @CoachJimBoone

Coach Boone is the head coach at Delta State University and has had consistent success throughout his long career, having taken four different schools to the NCAA Division 2 tournament.

8. Coach Andy Farrell – @CoachAFarrell

Coach Farrell is an assistant coach at Southwest Mississippi Community College and the co-founder of Rising Coaches Elite (which we just covered above).

9. Coach Jeff Osterman – @coachosterman

Jeff Osterman is the Associate Head Coach for the University of South Florida Women’s Basketball Team.

10. Mano Watsa – @manowatsa

Mano Watsa is the owner & President of PGC Basketball.

11. Ray Lokar – @CoachLok

Ray Lokar is a coach, speaker, and an author. Follow him for positive coaching tips.

12. Coach M. Smith – @coachmwsmith

Coach Smith is the director of the Southeast Tennessee Basketball Coaches Clinic.

13. Sharman White – @coachswhite

Coach White is an assistant coach at Georgia State University and a former high school coach who has a very successful record.

14. Kyle Gilreath – @KyleGilreath

Coach Gilreath is the head basketball coach at Astronaut High School in Florida and is always sharing great basketball coaching content on his Twitter feed.

15. Jim Burson – @JimBurson

Jim Burson is an author and basketball coach offering regular words of wisdom to his followers.

16. Tom Kelsey – @CoachKelsey

Tom Kelsey is former director of operations at LSU, motivational speaker, and former HS and College Coach

17. Jaycob Ammerman @Jammer2233

Jaycob Ammerman is the Video Coordinator at UCF Men’s Basketball and hands down post the most viral videos on Twitter

18. Gordon Chiesa – @gchiesaohmy

Coach Chiesa was a long time assistant NBA Coach with the Utah Jazz, and his Twitter feed is full of great detailed coaching tips.

19. HoopSeen – @hoopseen

HoopSeen is a great place to find information like the latest news, rankings, and recruiting information in prep basketball.

20. Hoop Coach – @hoopcoach

Hoop Coach is a great place to find plays, drills, and articles.

21. Mark Adams – @markadamsbball

Professional basketball skills trainer.

22. Basketball HQ – @basketballhq

A great place to find training resources and videos for coaches!

23. Kevin Eastman – @kevineastman

VP of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers

24. Koran Godwin – @coachgodwin

Coach Koran Godwin is a pro skills basketball trainer

25. Basketball Coach – @bball_tips23

Imagine if someone took all the different kinds of accounts on this list and combined them into a single one. Well that’s what this one is! It’s an absolute must-follow for anyone who loves the game.

26. Coach Steve – @HoopinSteve

Daily basketball tips and opinions on what’s going on with the game!

27. Dre Baldwin – @DreAllDay

Dre All Day Baldwin Basketball skills training and inspiration

28. Alan Stein – @AlanStein

Basketball coach and trainer, head of Pure Sweat Basketball

29. Christian Mueller – @PivotalBball

Christian Mueller runs Pivotal featuring some of the top instruction in playing the post!

30. Jamy Bechler – @CoachBechler

Jamy Bechler is the Former Head Basketball Coach at Martin Methodist College

31. John Calipari – @UKCoachCalipari

The Head Coach of the Kentucky Wildcats.

32. Five-Star Basketball – @5starbasketball

Basketball inspiration and instruction

33. PGC Basketball – @PGCbasketball

Top basketball skills training

34. Hardwood Hustle – @Hardwood_Hustle

One of the top basketball podcasts out there!

35. Meticulus Basketball – @meticulous9

Marv Fox Jr runs a basketball training resource.

36. Daniel Makepeace – @PureIntensityBB

Basketball skills development specialist.

37. Drew Hanlen – @DrewHanlen

Drew Hanlen‘s NBA strategic skills coach and CEO of Pure Sweat.

38. CoachTheCoaches – @WinningCoaches

This is a great account for coaches to improve in their teaching and leadership abilities.

39. Ganon Baker – @GanonBaker

Gannon Baker is one of the top basketball skill coaches in the game!

40. Evan Harville – @EvanHarville

Skills Development Coach of Accelerate Basketball, and trainer for NBA MVP Steph Curry

41. Phil Jackson – @PhilJackson11

New York Knicks President, Coach of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

42. Eric Musselman – @EricPMusselman

Head Basketball Coach at The University of Nevada

43. Pat Summitt – @patsummitt

As you know Pat Summitt is the Legendary Head Women’s Coach at Tennessee

44. Brendan Suhr – @brendansuhr

Associate Head Coach at LSU

46. Dave Love – @CoachDaveLove

Shooting coach for the Orlando Magic

47. Mike Procopio – @HoopConsultants

Director of Player Development for the Dallas Mavericks

48. Rob McClanaghan – @RMcClanaghanNBA

Trainer who works with some of the best in the NBA, including Kevin Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Curry and more!

49. George Raveling – @GeorgeRaveling

Hall of Famer who now works as the Director of International Basketball for Nike Basketball.

50. Coach Czes – @CoachCzes

Head Coach of the Crystal Lake Central Boys Basketball team in Illinois.

51. Damin Altizer - @DaminAltizer

Trainer at Dr1ven Training

52. Jesse Muench @snakejmoney

Pro Basketball Trainer and Entertainer

53. Coach Miles – @CoachMiles

Head Coach of Nebraska Cornhuskers

54. Frank Martin – @Frank_Martin_SC

Head Basketball Coach at South Carolina

55. Augie Johnston – @BallerBootCamp

International Basketball Trainer

56. CoachTube.com – @thecoachtube

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