4 Basketball Offenses You Need to Start Running

The defense can come at you in a million different ways. There are zones (1-2-2, 1-3-1, 2-3 etc.), man (full-court, half-court), traps (amoeba, ¾ court, corner trap etc.) and everything inbetween. The question you need to answer, is your team ready for them? To give you a head start, I have outlined 4 different basketball offenses you can implement today to capitalize on anything the defense may throw at you.

Offense #1: Greece - International Pick & Roll Set

This basketball offense is a Pick & Roll continuous action that is great for scoring on man-to-man defenses.

Setup: Four out and one in set with the PG and PF at the top. The SG is on the PF side and the SF is on the PG side. Hint: The SG should be on his weak hand side! The post player is on the strong side block with the SF and PG.

Execution: The PG starts with the ball as the PF sets a down screen for the SG at the wing. As this action is happening, the SF will set a quick screen for the post player. The SG should be receiving the ball from the PG at the same time the post player is coming off the screen from the SF. When the SG received the ball, the post player sprints to the top of the key to set a pick & roll while the PG fades to the wing.

Offense #2: Middle - Zone Offense

This basketball offense works best against a zone especially a 2-3 or matchup zone defense.

Setup: Two guard front with the PG and SG, the SF is on the strong side in between the corner and the wing outside of the 3-point line. The post players start on each block.

Execution: The PG enters the ball to the wing, the SF receives the pass, faces the basket and then passes back to the PG. As the ball is coming back to the PG, the strong side big man sets a screen on the PG defender allowing the PG to penetrate to the middle. As the PG is penetrating, the SG fades to the wing and the weak side post player gets position in the middle of the key. The PG can attack the rim, enter it into the post or kick out to the SG for a shot.

Offense #3: Spartan - Michigan State Horns Set for Shooters

This basketball offense is designed to get your best shooters open for a 3!

Setup: Horns Set with the PG at the top, post players on each elbow and perimeter players close to the corner behind the three. The PF and SG should be on the same side with the Center and SF on the opposite.

Execution: The PG enters the ball to the Center above the elbow as the SF cuts from the corner to the opposite block. The PG steps down to the free throw line setting a brush screen for the PF to rub off and dive to the strong side block. PG steps back to the three-point line and receives the ball back from the Center if the PF is not open. Once the PG receives the ball back, the SG steps up to the wing and then dives down to receive a staggered triple screen from the SF, PF and Center for a shot on the opposite wing.

Offense #4: Box Zipper Action - Post Player Quick Hitter

This basketball offense is a quick hitter designed to free your post players up to get a quick basket.

Setup: Box set with the PG at the top, Center and PF on the elbows, and perimeter players on the blocks. Center and SG should be on the same side; SF and PF should be on the opposite.

Execution: The PG is going to dribble-enter to the SF/PF side. When the PG reaches the wing, the SF sets an up-screen for the PF to free him up at the block. If the PF is not open, the PG swings it to the SF. When the ball reaches the SF, the Center sets a down-screen for the SG to be open at the wing. The Center may be open for a slip to the rim, if not, the SF swings the ball to the SG for a shot or a pass down low for Center.

Now you are equipped with basketball offenses that can score on a zone, man, for a shooter or a big man!