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Top 4 Pre-Season Basketball Drills

The season is approaching and we hope our players have spent all summer getting better… but what have we done as coaches? If you had an undefeated season last year then congratulations, if not, we have some work to do. After surveying the top college coaches in the country, here are their top 4 pre-season basketball drills that will help you win more games this season.

Drill #1: Beat the Belt (Demonstrated HERE by Tom Izzo of Michigan State University)

This basketball drill is designed to help your players perfect their Help-Defense technique by defending the passing lane.

Setup: 3 players are on offense: One on the right wing with a ball, the other in the right corner also with a ball. The third offensive player is a little outside of the left block. Defender is in the middle of the key.

Execution: The offensive player on the left block must step into the key and sprint to the free-throw line to try and receive a pass from the right wing. The defender must deny him from receiving the pass and deflect it with his outside hand. As soon as the ball is deflected, the offensive player backdoors his defender to try and receive a pass at the rim from the corner passer. The defender has to deflect both the free-throw line pass and the corner pass at the basket to leave the drill.

Drill #2: Power Moves (Demonstrated HERE by former Incarnate Word University assistant coach Christian Mueller)

This basketball drill is designed to improve your post-player finishing technique, especially with contact.

Setup: Lineup post players on the baseline next to the short corner, each of them must have a ball. Have a coach in the middle of the key.

Execution: The player tosses the ball directly in front of them into the short corner and catches it landing on both feet. Have the post player make a strong pivot towards the basket and take one dribble into a lay-up. The coach should act as a help defender and make contact with the player as they attempt the lay-up. If the offensive player does not make the lay-up they must do 10 push-ups (Modify if Necessary).

Drill #3: Pick and Roll (In-Depth demonstration HERE by Hubie Brown 2-time NBA Coach of the Year)

This basketball drill will help your team understand the fundamentals of the Pick and Roll and be able to execute it flawlessly in the game.

Setup: 1 perimeter-player on each wing and 1 post-player on each block. You will need two coaches or players above the top of the 3-point line, each with 2 balls.

Execution: Coach will pass the ball to the perimeter player on his side. The post player on the strong block will come up and set a screen for the perimeter player to drive to the middle. The perimeter player must take two dribbles to the elbow and elevate for a shot. Once the perimeter player drives past the post-player, he must open up and relocate to the short corner for a pass from the coach for a Jumpshot.

Drill #4: Halfcourt Hussle (Demonstrated HERE by former Martin Methodist University head coach Jamy Bechler)

This basketball drill helps your team hustle and prepares your players to track down long distance rebounds.

Setup: Have a coach or player on a wing with a ball as a designated shooter. The rest of the team is lined up behind half court.

Execution: The coach shoots a 3-pointer and as the ball goes up, a player from half-court must chase down the rebound. Once the player retrieves the rebound they must make two layups as quickly as possible. The objective is to not let the ball hit the ground.

Start using these drills in practice today to put your team in the best position to win!