Best BALL MACHINE Tennis Drills and Games

by Cosmin Miholca
Best BALL MACHINE Tennis Drills and Games


No partner, no problem.

With this new ball machine tennis program, you'll get the best workout.

Discover the most creative tennis drills and games for consistent groundstrokes, volleys, approach and drop-shots; mental strength, quick footwork, and placement.

Plus, technical and "secret" tips to get the most out of your tennis practice.

A new program by WebTennis24!


Warm-Up Tennis Drills
1 Warm-Up Tennis Drills 2 Forehand Groundstroke | Technique, Placement 3 Backhand Groundstroke | Technique, Placement 4 Slice Forehand Groundstroke | Technique, Placement 5 Slice Backhand Groundstroke | Technique, Placement 6 Forehand Drop-Shot | Technique, Placement 7 Backhand Drop-Shot | Technique, Placement 8 Forehand Volley | Technique, Placement 9 Backhand Volley | Technique, Placement 10 Forehand and Backhand Volley | Alternate 11 Forehand and Backhand Groundstroke | Alternate 12 Cross-Court Backhand and Inside-Out Forehand
Skill-Building Tennis Drills
13 Skill Building Tennis Drills 14 Forehand Groundstroke | Topspin and Slice 15 Backhand Groundstroke | Topspin and Slice 16 Forehand Groundstroke | Topspin, Slice, Drop 17 Backhand Groundstroke | Topspin, Slice, Drop 18 Two Minutes | Topspin and Slice 19 Drive. Moon. Slice. Drop. 20 Triangle Forehand 21 Triangle Backhand 22 Forehand | Topspin Approach, Volley, Drop 23 Backhand | Topspin Approach, Volley, Drop 24 Forehand | Slice Approach, Volley, Drop 25 Backhand | Slice Approach, Volley, Drop 26 Forehand | Topspin Approach, Two Volleys 27 Backhand | Topspin Approach, Two Volleys 28 Forehand | Half-Volley, Low Volleys 29 Backhand | Half-Volley, Low Volleys 30 Forehand Volley | Punch and Drop 31 Backhand Volley | Punch and Drop 32 Forehand and Backhand Volley | Punch and Drive 33 Forehand Groundstroke | Court Coverage 34 Backhand Groundstroke | Court Coverage 35 Groundstrokes and Drop-Shots 36 Forehand Groundstroke | Deep and Short
Competitive Tennis Drills
37 Competitive Tennis Games 38 Me vs Ball Machine 39 Game of Seven 40 Scramble Seven 41 Forehand Groundstroke | Consistency 9 42 Backhand Groundstroke | Consistency 9 43 Forehand Volley | Depth 44 Backhand Volley | Depth
Bonus Drills
45 Serve Drills 46 Back and Forth | Warm-Up 47 Scoring Game 48 Serve Pressure 49 Plus 5 / Minus 5

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Cosmin Miholca

Lessons, Drills and Tips for Players and Tennis Coaches


Cosmin Miholca, the creator of WebTennis24 and Best Ball Machine Tennis Drills and Games, has been teaching tennis online and on court for more than 30 years. 

He's developed well-known courses such as My Daddy / My Coach (how parents can teach tennis to their own children), WebTennis24 Training (lessons, drills, and tips for tennis players), WebTennis24 Coaching (drills and lesson plans for tennis coaches), and 10 Lesson Plans for Teaching Tennis to Beginning Players (a one-of-a-kind program showing parents and tennis coaches how to teach tennis to children and adults).

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