Doha 2019 Men Shot Put Final, analysis and thoughts by Shaun Pickering and Dale Stevenson

by Global Throwing
Doha 2019 Men Shot Put Final, analysis and thoughts by Shaun Pickering and Dale Stevenson


Doha 2019 Shot Put Final was the legendary competition that redefined the men shot put event. Never before have we seen so intense, so close competition in a final with so many near world record results. The moment that Tom Walsh, Ryan Crouser and Joe Kovacs created for us is even said to be one of the greatest moments in the sport ever! What happens in the coach’s head when a fight like this is unrolling in front of his eyes?

We had an unique chance to talk with Dale Stevenson, coach of Tom Walsh at our panel sharing his experience in the middle of this thrill. Dale together with Shaun Pickering will relive the competition attempt by attempt and give you their insights.

In this video you can also see an analysis of these top 3 guys in a frame-by-frame comparison and get some fantastic hard-core throwing knowledge through that. This free format panel by Dale Stevenson and Shaun Pickering was recorded at the First European Shot Put Conference in November 2019 in Tallinn.



 - Technical Training of Tom Walsh
 - Strength Training of Tom Walsh (practical session)
 - Planning of Training for Tom Walsh

2. ELITE GLIDE SHOT PUT by Wilko Schaa
 - Practical Throwing Session with David Storl
 - Practical Strength Training session with David Storl
 - Glide Technique on example of David Storl
 - Planning of Training for David Storl

3. ELITE WOMEN ROTATIONAL SHOT PUT by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson
 - Rotational Shot Put Session with Fanny Roos (practical)
 - Rotational Shot Put Technical Theory

 - Doha 2019 Men Shot Put panel. Analysis and insights with Dale Stevenson and Shaun Pickering
 - Shot Put Statistics & Biomechanics (London `17 and Birmingham `18) by Shaun Pickering

5. We have also available an ELITE DISCUS lecture series by Vésteinn Hafsteinsson (coach of World Champion Daniel Stahl and Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter).
 - Practical Throwing Session with Daniel Stahl
 - Practical Lifting Session with Daniel Stahl
 - Technical Theory
 - Planning of Training

The next European Discus Throw Conference will be held on 6th-8th November 2020 in Tallinn Estonia. More info at


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Shaun Pickering is a former Olympic Athlete, Coach and Commentator. He has a great love of the sport and a desire to promote the Throws in a positive way. Dale Stevenson is a former shot putter from Australia. He is a coach to World Champion Tom Walsh.

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