Elite Discus - Practical Lifting Session

"Vésteinn Hafsteinsson: Elite Discus" is a comprehensive lecture series recorded at the European Discus Conference 2018 in Växjö, Sweden.

There is total of 6 hours video material and it is divided into 4 topics all separately available here on CoachTube.

Elite Discus - Practical Throwing Session
Elite Discus - Practical Lifting Session
Elite Discus - Technical Theory
Elite Discus - Planning of Training

Under this lecture we have Elite Discus - Practical Lifting Session. This lecture is in cooperation with Coach Hafsteinsson athletes Daniel Ståhl, Simon Pettersson, Jakob Gardenkrans and Fanny Roos. Athletes are used as role models to demonstrate the different excercises used in their training program. Lecture includes heavy lifting sets for Daniel Ståhl and also for Fanny Roos on women side.

In this lecture:
1. Olympic Weight Lifting
2. Training Methods for Olympic Lifts
3. Power Lifting
4. Training Methods for Power Lifts
5. Snatch and variations
6. Clean and variations
7. Jerk and and variations
8. Squats and variations
9. Deadlift
10. Bench Press
11. Other exercises used in the group
12. Strength levels, analysis

Under each section, athletes will show the variations of exercises they use in the gym.

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Vésteinn Hafsteinsson was a full time discus thrower from 1986-1996. He took part in five World Championships, two European Championships and four Olympic Games. Currently he is working full-time as an international throwing coach. Among athletes that he has coached are Olympic Champion Gerd Kanter, World and European meddalists Daniel Ståhl and Joachim B. Olsen.

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Roland Varga

Congratulation Vesteinn! Probably this is the best presentation of discus throw what was ever filmed!
Dec 24, 18 03:38 PM