Topic 10: Full-Field Passing, Clearing and Riding

Congratulations on all that you are doing as a lacrosse coach. Topic 10 is designed to teach players techniques for getting the ball up the field quickly along with techniques that offensive players should use to slow the advance of the ball by the other team. In youth lacrosse, the field tends to play a lot bigger than it does at more advanced levels. Learning to transition the ball efficiently from your defenders to your offensive players can give your team an important advantage and create scoring opportunities. The drills for Full-Field Passing and Clearing can be used to teach players which types of passes are most effective in getting the ball forward from different areas on the field. Don't forget, your opponents also will be trying to create the same advantages against your team. Later in this topic we'll look at a riding technique that offensive players should adopt to disrupt the other team's passing and clearing attempts from its end. Enjoy!

Practice Plan

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Line Drills (passing, scooping, dodging, ground balls, shooting)

    Introduce Full-Field Passing

    Full-field passing drill

    Introduce Clearing

    Inbounds Clearing Drill

    Inbounds Clearing With A Skip Pass Drill

    Full-field scrimmage

    Final thoughts