PRACTICE 20 (Scrimmaging)

In continuing with the fun theme, you will scrimmage for nearly half of this practice. The players love game-like situations and this is a chance to reward them. The practice will simulate the activities of a game day including a typical game day pre-gram drills and a full scrimmage. Again, explain the importance of a strong finish to a season.

First 5 Minutes (Review)

Bring all of the players and coaches together. Explain the plan for this practice. Address any questions the players may have. Then it is time for the warm up.

Next 5 Minutes (Warm-up)

Divide the players into several lines on the midfield line facing one of the restraining lines. Go through repetitions of the following between the mid line and the restraining line: 50 percent run with high knees, butt kicks (lifting the legs up high in the back), side shuffle, running backwards; then 75 percent run; and 100 percent run.

During the warm-up, pull the goalies aside and have them work with one or two of the coaches.

Next 25 Minutes (Pregame Drills)

Line Drills

Diamond Drill

Catch and Shoot Drill

3 v. 2 Drill

Next 2 Minutes (Water Break)

Keep your players hydrated with a water break. But have them hustle back to the field.

Next 35 Minutes (Scrimmage)

Run a scrimmage with two 15-minute periods and a five-minute water break intermission. Keep score and make sure all players are having fun. Let all players on the field for the final two minutes.

Ending Practice

Thank all of the players and parents for their hard work throughout the season. Explain how you feel the players achieved the goals set out at the beginning of the program. They worked hard, had fun and improved. Take time to speak individually with the players and offer advice for what they can do to get better. Encourage them to stay active in sports and keep the lacrosse stick in their hands as much as possible.