Topic 3: Line Drills

In this topic, we are going to introduce you to line drills and demonstrate how these simple exercises make for an effective practice tool in a team setting. You may remember learning how to run a scooping line drill back in Topic 2. Setting up a line drill simply involves splitting your players into multiple groups, or lines. Depending on the type of line drill, you may use two, three, four or even five lines. In this basic formation, players can efficiently practice a variety of skills including passing, scooping, dodging, ground balls and shooting. The beauty of line drills is that they are simple to teach, simple to learn and allow for layering of multiple skills for added difficulty. For this topic, we are going to focus primarily on passing line drills. In later topics, we'll talk more about incorporating multiple skills into this same drill formation. Enjoy. You and your players are doing great!

Practice Plan

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Introduce passing line drills

    Two-Handed Passing Line Drill

    One-Handed Passing Line Drill

    Over-the-Shoulder Passing Line Drill

    Star Drill

    Four-Corner Ball Drill

    Three-Man Weave Drill

    Three-Man Line Drill

    Final thoughts