Topic 6: Player Positioning and Face-Offs

Face-offs give your team the ball back. In this topic, we are going to talk about how players should be positioned on the field and demonstrate the correct technique for face-offs. When it comes to player positioning, every player should know where he should be on the field at all times. As you'll see, the strategies and techniques that players should use when playing offense or defense vary according to numbers (1 v. 1 or 3 v. 3) and location on the field (on top vs. behind the goal). Along the same lines, your defenders also should understand how the opposing team's offense is trying to position itself so that they can disrupt it. Later in the topic, we'll look at how face-offs are an integral part of the game. Once you have introduced the proper face-off technique, try incorporating them into your 1 v. 1 and 3 v. 3 drills. Have each drill start with a face-off; whichever team wins the face-off is on offense. These drills allow players to work on a number of game skills, including: transition play; communication; field-vision; dodging; shooting; passing; and catching on the run.

Practice Plan

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Line Drills (passing, scooping, dodging, ground balls, shooting)

    Introduce 1 v. 1 offense and defense (on top)

    Introduce 1 v. 1 offense and defense (behind the goal)

    Introduce 3 v. 3 offense and defense

    Introduce Pick-and-Roll

    Introduce Face-Off Technique

    1 v. 1 Drill/Scrimmage with Face-Off

    3 v. 3 Drill/Scrimmage with Face-Off

    Final thoughts