Topic 5: Shooting

Shooting is the focus of Topic 5. Proper shooting technique requires the same fundamentals as passing and catching, though, as you'll see, there is generally more body movement involved in the motion. The best scorers put it all together. We are specifically going to look at three different types of shots, including: Room and Time Shooting; Shooting On-The-Run; and In-Close Shooting. All three shot types involve the push-pull motion; the proper shot to be used depends on the particular game situation. Considering any position is allowed to score in lacrosse, all players should learn the different shots.When introducing each concept to your players, we recommend demonstrating a specific skill and then immediately breaking them into groups to practice what they just learned. After a few minutes, bring them back to demonstrate another new skill and break them out into groups again, and so on. If you have extra time, try the Shooting Drill or try incorporating all three shot types into your line drills so that each player will get additional repetitions. Let's get started!

Practice Plan

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Line drills (passing, scooping, dodging, ground balls)

    Room and Time Shooting demonstration

    Shooting On-The-Run demonstration

    In-Close Shooting demonstration

    The Shooting Drill

    Line drills (shooting)

    Scrimmage or relay

    Final thoughts