The Shell Drill

    For this drill, place your offensive players on the perimeter in a 2-3-1 set and have them make one pass at a time. When a pass is made, stop and check to see if all of the players are in proper defensive position.

    Keep repeating this process and gradually increase the speed of the ball as it moves from different areas on the field. This process helps players recognize where they should be in relation to their man and the ball.

    As players move around, they should communicate with each other. The player with the ball calls out, 'I have ball.' The player to the left of the ball calls out, 'I have your left,' and the player to the right of the ball calls out, 'I have your right.' 

    To make sure players are getting in areas to help out their teammates, create a circle in front of the crease area. This gives players a visual reference as to where they should be when they are two passes away from the ball.