Topic 9: Transition Play and Advantage Situations

This topic focuses on transition play and other game situations in which one team gains a numerical advantage over the other. We will look at approaches that players should use in various transition and advantage scenarios with insights from both offensive and defensive perspectives. First, let's talk about transition play. As you know, transition play occurs when possession of the ball changes from one team to the other - often leading to a fast break. We'll show you how to incorporate simulated fast-break situations into your practices to allow players to learn how to make quick decisions on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. We'll primarily be using a 4 v. 3 fast-break set-up because it gives players better visibility than a 6 v. 5 setup. We'll also look at the "triangle in a box" formation - three cones positioned in a triangle within a larger four-sided box. Finally, once players understand the fast-break concept, you can expand the drill to half the field and add a "chasing defender". Although, fast breaks certainly fall under the category of advantage situations, they are not the only type we'll be discussing. Man-Up and Man-Down scenarios occur most often after a player receives a penalty and is sent off. In these cases, players must capitalize on this advantage out of a set formation rather than in transition play. At the same time, the outnumbered defense must figure out how to adjust in order to prevent the offense from scoring. For teaching purposes we'll be using both 3 v. 3 and a 4 v. 3 set-ups to illustrate Man-Up and Man-Down situations. Enjoy!

Practice Plan

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Line Drills (passing, scooping, dodging, ground balls, shooting)

    Introduction of fast breaks for offense and defense

    4 v. 3 walk-through with cones

    4 v. 3 Drill (expand to half-field fast break with a chaser)

    Introduce Man-Up Offense

    3 v. 3 Drill

    Introduce Man-Down Defense

    4 v. 3 Drill

    Man-Up/Man-Down Scrimmage

    Final thoughts