Topic 2: Passing, Catching and Scooping

Your young lacrosse players have learned so much already. In this topic, we will introduce and demonstrate several basic lacrosse skills, including: passing, catching and scooping. These skills incorporate and build upon the techniques that we looked at in Topic 1. Feel free to refer back if you need to refresh your memory before starting Topic 2. Throughout your season, we encourage you to find creative ways to integrate these fundamentals into all of your team practice sessions and keep them fresh in your players' minds. For example: the cradling technique from Topic 1 can easily become part of your team's warm-up routine. Before starting your practice, have each player take a lap around the field with a ball in his stick to practice cradling and changing hands. 

Practice Plan:

    Warm-up lap with cradling reinforcement


    Passing and catching demonstration

    Partner passing

    Over-the-Shoulder pass and catch demonstration

    Scooping demonstration

    Scooping line drill

    Keep away game

    Final thoughts