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Twitter: It’s not just for cat pictures and Crying Jordan memes anymore.

As the number of users has grown in the past few years, a thriving football community has sprung up on Twitter, from all areas of expertise.

Some people on this list are coaches, others are former NFL players, some of them are just people who love talking about football, but they’ve all got something interesting to say, and that’s why they’re on the list.

So here (in no particular order) are 20 football people you need to follow on Twitter ASAP.

1. Chris Fore – @CoachFore

Coach Fore is a high school coach located in Southern California who is always giving his thoughts on the game, especially about the high school level. He’s also a good guy to follow if you’re looking for new coaching job opportunities anywhere around the country.

2. Daniel Owen – @CoachOwen321

Follow Coach Owen for the #DefensiveDaily videos, featuring some great football drills, schemes, and anything else related to the defensive side of the ball.

3. Todd Greenwell – @GreenwellTodd

Coach Greenwell is constantly giving Twitter clinics by sharing video clips like this one and breaking down the strategy involved. Here we see a total breakdown in pass coverage.

4. Wing-T Football – @WingT_Football

Like a lot of other accounts on this list, this timeline features a lot of video and commentary about football X’s and O’s, and it’s not just strictly focused on the traditional Wing-T offense, as you can see from the tweet below where he’s breaking down the Gus Malzahn offense at Auburn:

5. All22ChalkTalk – @All22ChalkTalk

I’ll bet you can guess what this Twitter feed is all about.

6. Dan Hatman – @Dan_Hatman

Dan is a former NFL scout who is the head of The Scouting Academy, an online school for those people wanting to learn more about personnel evaluation and possibly work their way to a position with an NFL team, something that happens quite a bit. Dan is great on Twitter about offering his thoughts and answering complex NFL-related questions, like this one about the possibility of an NFL minor league system.

7. SpreadOffense.com – @SpreadOffense

This account is a great follow if you’re a fan of, or at all interested in, you guessed it, the spread offense!

8. Inside the Pylon – @ITPylon

Inside the Pylon is a great site (and Twitter account) that features tons of great content and plenty of talented writers. Be sure to follow the whole crew.

9. Ted Nguyen – @RaidersAnalysis

Ted is a Raiders blogger who is always posting video and GIFs of his X’s and O’s breakdowns. And of course, there are plenty of Silver and Black highlights on the timeline as well…

10. James Light – @JamesALight

James Light is one of the best, if not the best X’s and O’s guys to follow on Twitter, especially during football season, since he’s usually got great strategic commentary

11. Football Coach – @footballdothow

This account is always sharing new football-related information, whether it’s quotes, articles, or videos. This is a great place to go if you’re a coach or just an in-depth fan of the game.

12. Emory Hunt – @FBallGameplan

Emory Hunt over at FootballGamePlan may be the hardest working man in America. Every other day he’s got some new videos to share with followers as he’s talking to another coach about football strategy, or the latest football news, or during football season, covering the FCS.

13. Matt Bowen – @MattBowen41

Matt is a former NFL player who excels at writing about X’s and O’s. Give him a follow!

14. Chris Brooks – @wingtfootball

Another Wing-T account? Yes, but this one is especially helpful for youth coaches, even those of you who don’t run the Wing-T system. Chris runs a great website and his account is full of helpful tips for youth football coaches, no matter what scheme they run.

15. Matt Jones – @CoachMattJones

Coach Jones is the creator of the hugely popular #LinemanLunch series on Twitter, posting regular clips from NFL and college games to demonstrate proper offensive line fundamentals.

16. Chris Brown – @smartfootball

Chris Brown is a tremendous football writer and his Twitter account does not disappoint.

17. Offensive Line Tips – @OLineTips

OLineTips is another great account to follow if you’re an offensive line coach or just enjoy learning and discussing the finer points of how to play offensive line.

18. Fran Duffy – @fduffy3

Fran is the video content manager for the Eagles, and as a result his account is always full of interesting video and podcast content. If you’re one of those people who enjoy following the draft, he’s especially fun to follow during combine and draft season.

19. Ralph Cindrich – @RalphCindrich

Ralph has long been one of my favorite follows on Twitter for his no-nonsense approach to sports stories that appear on a daily basis. A former NFL player and agent, he speaks from experience about pro sports and how things work when it’s time to negotiate.

20. OL Watchdog – @OLineScout

Yep, we’ve got another offensive line account on this list, and why not? There’s always more to learn! OL Watchdog is great about posting regular video from NFL game film to offer tips and commentary on how to play offensive line.

Did we miss anyone?

Let us know what you think!