Skating and Footwork

Feel the energy and enthusiasm of your young hockey players. In this section of your Training Plan, Coach Patrick Burke teaches all the basics that your hockey players need to become good skaters. Becoming a good hockey player starts with being able to be a smooth and efficient skater. Complete all of these drills with your players and they will become better skaters and hockey players.

In this section:

Edge Awareness

Jump Sticks Drill
Inside Edge Awareness
Outside Edge Awareness
Getting Up

The Superman Slide
Walk Like a Duck
Forward Stride: C-Cut Drill
Push-Pull Drill
Push Net Drill
Snowplow Stop
Transitioning to a Hockey Stop
Snowcone Drill
Drop Your Gloves Drill
Red Light, Green Light
Chair Sit C-Cut
Forward to Backward Pivot
Backward to Forward Pivot
Backward Stop and Explode
Triangle Drill
Stationary Crossovers
Lateral Crossovers
Crossover Circle Drill

Weave Drill