Drill Objective
To develop attacking dribbling skills in a 1 v. 1 setup, with several goal areas for players to attack and defend.

Drill Set-Up
Using cones, place numerous small goals around a circle of 30 yards in diameter. Each goal has a width of three feet. Divide players into pairs of equal ability. One soccer ball per pair. One player begins as the attacker, and the other as the defender. The attacker attempts to keep possession of the ball and tries to score a goal in any of the goals. To score, the attacker must maintain possession and dribble the ball through the chosen goal. When possession is lost, the players change roles.

Drill Progression
Scores can be kept in this 1 v. 1 duel. Remember that playing 1 v. 1 is very tiring, so a break should be taken every few minutes.