Week Nine: Advanced Shooting Skills

Wow! You have some excellent players. You're doing a superb job, Coach!
In the final week of this program, we'll be looking at advanced shooting skills that your players can use to score in game situations. The "goal" of this section is to equip your players with techniques they can continue to refine as they progress to higher levels of play. When it comes to shooting, each split second and touch of the ball can be of vital importance. The technical skills that a player needs to be a successful goal-scorer must be fine-tuned and practiced repeatedly in order for them to be effective. We've intentionally ordered the sequence of the lessons in this section so that each subsequent skill builds upon the concepts introduced in previous drills. Improving shooting skills through practice and repetition will help players to build confidence in their ability to make the play when it counts.

This Week's Review:
Ball-Striking Technique (Week Eight)
Crossfire Drill (Week Eight)
3 v. 1 to Goal (Week Eight)