Drill Objective
To help offensive players develop ball control skills in both non-pressurized and pressurized environments. This drill also teaches defenders how to challenge the ball when an offensive player gains possession.

Drill Set-Up
Set out a circle with a diameter of 20 yards. Station an equal number of players around the circle and inside the circle. Each player standing on the outside should have at least one soccer ball. As the drill begins, each player inside the circle (Workers) moves towards one of the players on the outside of the circle (Servers). Each Server calls out a body surface for the Worker to control the body with and then tosses the ball to this Worker. The Worker controls the ball using the designated surface and passes back to the Server. The Worker then moves on quickly to a new Server. This control technique is known as 'checking away.' Servers should vary the body surface they designate for Workers. Workers should strive to pass accurately back to Servers. Switch roles after one minute of play.

Drill Progressions
Add defenders. Players inside the circle are now paired up - one attacker, one defender. The attacker plays as before, by moving toward a Server, controlling with the designated surface, passing accurately back to the Server, and then checking away to another Server. The defender pressures the attacker and attempts to get a controlling touch on the ball.