Basic Control Techniques

Below, we are going to introduce techniques for controlling balls on the ground and balls in the air. In general, players can use the following body parts to control the ball: feet (inside, outside, laces, soles), thighs, chest and head. Players should regularly practice a number of control techniques in order to build confidence and muscle memory to prepare for different game situations.

Controlling Balls on the Ground

The player lets the ball travel across his body to his "inside" foot.
The player keeps his hips open toward the ball.
The player looks for the next passing target or open dribbling space as the ball approaches.
The player cushions or wedges the ball and prepares to either pass, dribble or keep possession of it.

Controlling Balls in the Air

The player identifies which body part to use to control the ball and get into position.
The player's body is open to the direction of his next pass or dribble.
The player presents his body to the ball and relaxes his body at impact.
The player manipulates the ball toward the direction of the next play.