Week One: Dribbling Introduction

The drills and lessons included in Week One are intended to reinforce a few basic techniques for dribbling a soccer ball. Most likely, your players will already be familiar with these skills, but it's a good idea to start your season with a quick refresher just in case. It also will be beneficial for you as a coach to know the features of the three types of dribbling that we'll be covering in this program - possession, running with the ball and attacking the defender.

Includes shielding of the ball.
Keep the body between the ball and the defender.
Play the ball with the farthest foot from the defender.
Keep the body at a right angle to the defender.
Use an arm to make and protect personal space.
Come away from the goal, and lateral movement of the body.

Running with the Ball

Used to cover large areas of open space quickly.
Toes are down.
Use of different foot surfaces (e.g., shoelaces, outside of foot).
The first play of the ball is long.
As space to defender decreases, the ball stays closer.

Attacking the Defender

Involves changes of speed and direction.
Keep a low center of gravity and shift from side to side.
Use of all surfaces of the foot.
Keep the ball moving constantly.
The attacking player decides how to beat the defender by using turns, moves, speed, etc.