Drill Objective
To introduce players to proper defensive technique in 2 v. 1 situations in which the defense has the advantage.

Drill Set-Up
Separate players into groups of three, with one soccer ball per group. For each group, set out a 20-x-30-yard area, using cones to create small goals at or near each corner of the area. One player is an attacker and two players are defenders. Players begin in the corners - the defenders in their corners and the attacker in one of the other corners. Play begins when one of the defenders passes the ball diagonally to the attacker. Both defenders can move upon the attacker's first touch. The attacker attempts to beat the defenders and score by dribbling through one of the far goals. The defenders attempt to prevent the attacker from scoring and also try to steal the ball or force play outside of the area. The attacker earns two points per goal; the defenders earn one point for stealing, intercepting or forcing play outside of the area. Play to the first team get five points, then switch roles.