Week Eight: Advanced Passing Skills

You're done so much with instructing your young players. You've earned the title "Coach"!

In the final week of this program, we'll return to the skill of passing and provide players with exposure to a few advanced techniques. In particular, we'll show players how to make accurate passes while moving and teach players to coordinate passes and runs with their teammates in an organized offensive attack. Ultimately, we want players to feel confident making good decisions when passing against defensive pressure. As always, players should use proper technique with the inside of their feet to control the ball. Remember that a player's ability to control the ball with either foot in practice will help them succeed in game situations when the speed of play is much faster.

This Week's Review:
  • Two-Headed Monster (Week Four)
  • Get out of My House (Week Six)
  • 4 v. 2 Possession in a Grid (Week Six)