Drill Objective: To practice dribbling to beat an opponent.

Drill Set-up

Set up two squares 20 x 20 yards each, 10 yards apart from each other in the middle. All players are inside either one of the squares and dribble around.

Drill Progression

The players react as the coach calls out any of the following commands:
  • Calm Ocean: Players dribble slowly
  • Choppy Ocean: Players change their direction because the sea is getting rough. 
  • Stormy Ocean: Players change their direction quickly because they are being tossed around by the storm. 
  • Save Yourself: Players dribble to the other grid to sail away from the threatening storm. 
The coach stands between the two grids and acts as a pirate searching for treasure, which is the players' soccer balls. Players must dribble their balls to the other grid safely without the pirate stealing their treasure.