Drill Objective: To let players practice control and turning with the ball, as well as individual dribbling skills and speed.

Drill Set-Up

Set out a 30-x-30-yard grid with cones. Each player has a ball and stands on one line of the grid, which is named after a famous soccer pitch or stadium (e.g., Wembley, the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl). Help your players imagine they are in a huge and exciting soccer stadium. One end of the stadium (the grid) is the Tunnel end and the other is the Scoreboard end. Players dribble freely within the stadium. If the coach says, 'Scoreboard end,' all the players quickly dribble to the scoreboard end. Then, if, for example, the coach says, 'Tunnel end,' all players turn with the ball and dribble quickly to the other end. The aim is for dribbling players to be able to adeptly turn with the ball and quickly dribble to the correct side of the stadium.

Drill Progression

Two additional sides to the stadium can be introduced, such as Big Bend end and the Royal Box for Wembley Stadium. Or, make up your own fun sides. If the coach calls out, 'Referee,' each player immediately stops, put a foot on the ball, and calls out, 'Yes, Sir/Ma'am, Mr./Miss/Mrs. Referee.' Additional fun actions can be introduced by having your players imitate famous players in their

dribbling and playing styles.