Lacrosse is a sport in which individual practice often is overlooked. Youngsters don't always think of going out into the backyard or the driveway to work on their skills. That's where Wall Ball comes into play. Some say Wall Ball is a lacrosse player's best friend, always there to help a youngster when another player is not around for a catch. The more a player practices throwing a lacrosse ball off a wall, the better his stick skill development.

We've designed Fundamentals of Wall Ball for coaches and parents who want to teach different lacrosse skills to youngsters. It is organized by different levels, although at any level a player will never stop gaining from Wall Ball. Inside, you'll find an entire library of video drills, coaching tips and downloadable practice materials conveniently organized by skill level.

It starts with the Beginner section, which gets players accustomed to the repetition of throwing and catching a ball against a wall. It also teaches cradling and the importance of developing both the right and left hands.

Congratulations on being a better lacrosse coach and for inspiring young athletes through Wall Ball.